Re: [Vala] Queue failed to free elements during destruction

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 3:00 PM, PCMan <pcman tw gmail com> wrote:

Hi list,
Is it by design or it's a bug?
I noticed that data elements of Queue are not freed during destruction of
the queue.
For example:

class Data {
 public string data1;
 public string data2;

class Test {
 Test() {

 private Queue<Data?> queue;

The generated C code did not free Data in the queue in destructor of Test
With List<Data>, all data are correctly freed.
I'm currently using vala 0.1.4.
Can anyone confirm this or tell me the correct way of using class/struct
with Queue?

It's a bug in the bindings. Feel free to report a bug at

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