Re: [Vala] How to generate "inline" C functions?

Is there any CCode attribute to make the generated C function "inline"?
Or, is it possible to generate C macros instead of functions with vala?

For example:
class Test {
  inline public void func1() {
  }Vala tutorial sadly doesn't say a word about it, but it shell look like:public inline void func1() 
{}This onw works currently in vala.>   [Macro]
  public void func2() {
This is sound a great feature request.But I would like that the macro could also not be function-like, 
butalso be able to define functon,  varibles, ...(i.e. full featured CMacro).
Another question is, is it possible to use bit-field in vala classes?
Like this:
class Test {
  private bool b1 : 1;
  private bool b2 : 1;
  private bool b3 : 1;
  private uint i1 : 4;
Good feature request.Tal                                          

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