Re: [Vala] libmemcached bindings and release of vala-vapis-0.1


On 03/28/11 16:27, Luca Bruno wrote:
On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 02:25:41PM +0200, pancake wrote:
This weekend I spend some time having fun with memcache.. and the fun end up
writing the bindings for Vala.

I have published a simple hello world using it at

I have also added it into the vala-vapis project...

And finally released the first version of it:

Have fun!

PD to the vapi maintainers: if you think any of the vapis found in
vala-vapis tarball is
good enought to be pushed in mainstream. Please do it :) notify me
when done, so
i will remove it from my repository.
You can add a direct link (or upload) your vapi into
that's a good place when looking for unofficial bindings.

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