Re: [Vala] error with arraylist and class

Il giorno lun, 21/03/2011 alle 21.10 +0100, Pavol Klačanský ha scritto:
Hi, this line reports me error

"Feed" is class

"public Gee.ArrayList<Feed?> get_all_feeds() {"

this error

server.vala:44.9-44.28: error: GVariant serialization of type
`Gee.ArrayList<Feed?>' is not supported
      public Gee.ArrayList<Feed?> get_all_feeds() {

Is that method into a dbus object? In that case the return type should
be gvariant serializable (and in this case it could be an array of Feed)
to work. If you don't want to export the method do dbus, make it private
or dbus visible=false.

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