[Vala] [ANNOUNCE] Gtkaml 0.4.3 - Markup language for Vala

We are proud to announce the 0.4.3 version of Gtkaml with the new Gtkon syntax.

Changes in 0.4.3:
- #! shebang support for Gtkon files to be used with the `gtkaml' executable
- vim syntax files for gtkon and gtkaml files. (thanks
pancake nopcode org). CDATA will never be the same.
See editors/vim/README on how to use them.
- optional running of tests with --enable-tests at configure stage
- removed own debian/* files in favour of debian's own packaging
scripts (thanks David <dapal debian org>)


What is it?

Gtkaml is a markup language based on Vala which lets you create Gtk+
composite widgets through concise XML:

<HBox homogeneous="false">
    <Label label="_Hello" with-mnemonic="true" expand="false" fill="false"/>
    <Entry g:public="my_entry" text="World! "/>

Gtkon is an object notation alternative to the XML syntax, contributed
by pancake at nopcode.org:

HBox !homogeneous {
 Label with-mnemonic label="_Hello" !expand !fill;
 Entry $my_entry text="World!";

More information on the Gtkon syntax is available here [2] and in the
tests and examples gtkaml comes with.

 * compact XML syntax for describing composite Gtk widgets
 * Gtkon syntax for JSON-like sources
 * code 'islands' (written in Vala) - for signal handling and other
code in your widget class (so you don't modify the generated code
 * you don't depend on gtkaml at run-time
 * much more readable than the usual UI boilerplate (e.g. you don't
need to worry about temporary variables, or ever write hundreds of
lines of code)
 * works with any library that has a .vapi file, not just Gtk+
(composition methods can be specified in the *.implicits file)

Full release notes: http://code.google.com/p/gtkaml/wiki/ReleaseNotes
Downloads: http://code.google.com/p/gtkaml/downloads/list

[1] Examples: http://code.google.com/p/gtkaml/wiki/Example
[2] Gtkon http://code.google.com/p/gtkaml/wiki/Gtkon

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