Re: [Vala] Vala HEAD is broken on MacOSX

I just reported this in the irc few hours ago. The commit was in 10th of february. And jurg ha no plans to 
remove that claiming for optimization issues.

 So the idea would be to fix this on the affected platforms:

Osx, iphone and windows.

I have just appended the inline definition of strnlen into the system's string.h include file. This is just a 

Any idea? Any program compiled against glib-2.0.vapi will suffer the same issue.

On 15/03/2011, at 20:57, Anatol Pomozov <anatol pomozov gmail com> wrote:


I just tried to compile HEAD from git and it is broken on MacOSX.

Here is the error:

Undefined symbols:
 "_strnlen", referenced from:
     _string_substring in valaccodebasemodule.o
     _string_substring in valaccodemethodmodule.o
     _string_substring in valadovabasemodule.o
     _string_substring in valagirwriter.o
     _vala_attribute_get_string in libvalacore.a(valaattribute.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valaclass.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valacodecontext.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valagirparser.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valagenieparser.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valageniescanner.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valaintegerliteral.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valainterface.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valamarkupreader.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valamethod.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valaparser.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valascanner.o)
     _string_substring in libvalacore.a(valasourcefile.o)
     _vala_string_literal_eval in libvalacore.a(valastringliteral.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

The reason is that strnlen is not defined on macosx (at least on
10.6.4 + xcode 3). The easiest way is to implement it on this platform

size_t strnlen(const char *s, size_t n)
 const char *p = (const char *)memchr(s, 0, n);
 return(p ? p-s : n);
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