Re: [Vala] Vala : Suggestion for improvement : String Class wrapper for strings in Vala

21.06.2011 11:05, Serge Hulne пишет:
You will notice that in the second case (the naive straightforward
formulation) the data is duplicated (passed by value in the
assignment) whereas in the first case (which uses a class wrapper) the
object a is assigned to b by reference (not by value, i.e. the data is
not duplicated)

'string' is a kind of primitive in Vala, it's designed to be passed by
value. Just like int, double, etc. in C. If you want not to duplicate a
string, use 'unowned' keyword, like:

    string a = "hello";
    unowned string b = a;

Best regards, Gavrilov Maksim.

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