Re: [Vala] [Genie] GLib Command Parsing

Hi Chris,

Honestly i can't respond to your question, i don't know !
This is a complete sample for what your are trying to do:


version : bool
const my_options : array of OptionEntry = {{"version", 'V', 0, OptionArg.NONE, ref version, "Show application's version", null}, {null}}

class Options : Object

    def run (args : array of string)
        optioncontext : OptionContext
        optioncontext = new OptionContext ("- My program in Genie")
        optioncontext.add_main_entries (my_options, null)
            optioncontext.parse(ref args)
        except e : OptionError
print (("%s\nRun '%s --help' to see a full list of available command line options."), e.message, args[0])

        if version is true
            print "My program version 1.0"

    var options = new Options()

You can try like this:

./myprog -V (to see version)
./myprog --help (to see available options)
./myprog -B (to see what happen if user use unrecognised options)


Ok that works, thanks for the help. Could you explain why I can't define an array of OptionEntry objects in the scope of init?



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