Re: [Vala] Genie status

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 03:05:03PM +0200, Andrea Del Signore wrote:
Hi all,

after the last vala toys release I just asked to the gedit IRC channel
what blocks the inclusions of the genie language support in the
GtkSourceView [1].

So nacho was kind enough to inform me that the last time he asked about
genie status on the vala channel, they told him that genie is more or
less a dead language.

Since I was planning to add (at least basic) support for the language in
vala toys, now it's the time for the genie users to speak so we can hear
their voices!

If there is still interest in it, nacho has offered to review again the
bug, so an updated lang file is more than welcome ;)

It's untrue that genie is dead. Genie is different than vala only from a
syntax view point, and there are projects actually using it.
I'd like to understand the reasons why he said it's dead.

-- - The Universal Operating System

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