Re: [Vala] libgdata or is it GData

On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 1:04 PM, Luca Bruno <lethalman88 gmail com> wrote:
First rule is to paste the errors, we can't help otherwise :)

Sure, thank you.  I get the following error running the code snippet I
found as is.

gdata_experiments.vala:26.24-26.75: error: 1 missing arguments for
`GData.DocumentsFeed GData.DocumentsService.query_documents
(GData.DocumentsQuery query, GLib.Cancellable cancellable,
GData.QueryProgressCallback progress_callback, void*
            var feed = this.gdocs.query_documents (query, cancel, () => {});

I looked at valadoc api documentation and it indicates an additional
parameter of type void* (not sure what this is exactly - gpointer
according to the header file), so I add a null as the last parameter
and then I get the following error.

gdata_experiments.c:134:3: error: too many arguments to function
note: declared here

copied from gdata-documents-service.h:
GDataDocumentsFeed *gdata_documents_service_query_documents
(GDataDocumentsService *self, GDataDocumentsQuery *query, GCancellable

GDataQueryProgressCallback progress_callback, gpointer

The vala code - original:
var feed = this.gdocs.query_documents (query, cancel, () => {});

The c code - generated:
_tmp2_ = gdata_documents_service_query_documents
(self->priv->gdocs,query, cancel,
__lambda1__gdata_query_progress_callback ,self, NULL,&_inner_error_);
                _tmp3_ = _g_object_ref0 (_tmp2_);
                feed = _tmp3_;

$ pkg-config --modversion libgdata
$ valac --version
Vala 0.13.1


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