Re: [Vala] Further speculations on couroutines, generators and threads : Emulating Go's goroutines and channels in Vala

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 11:11, Serge Hulne <serge hulne gmail com> wrote:

Another reason why these speculations cannot possibly add anything
performance-wise is that I don't think (I might be wrong) that Vala can be
tailored specifically for a given multi-core architecture. In this case,
using threads can be convenient, but it will not process tasks in parallel,
therefore threads can only slow down the execution of an application.

Vala threads are based on GLib threads, so they do scale to multicore
systems and they do process in parallel. Contrary to a few other languages,
Vala does not emulate threads, it uses the system threads (with all the
benefits and problems of that).
But pay attention that if your application is not designed for concurrent
processing, it won't matter. For instance, you can block one thread waiting
for the other to finish processing or to free some resource, then you are
just doing sequential processing anyway.

*Alexandre Rosenfeld*

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