Re: [Vala] Question regarding passing a strings as arguments to a method


2011/7/11 Serge Hulne <serge hulne gmail com>:
If one has a look at the C code generated by Vala for the following
two examples, it appears that the "unowned" keyword has no influence
on the way
the string b (of type gchar*) is passed to f().

In both cases, it is passed as a pointer (without duplication).

Therefore it seems to me that the Vala tutorial is slightly misleading
and should read:

- "In Vala strings are always passed by address".

A string in Vala is a *reference* type [1] and therefore passed by
reference. The documentation is correct here, it may just need to
point out clearly that fact.


[1] it is a bit special because it is immutable, and thus copied
whenever there is a new strong reference to it

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