Re: [Vala] Is there a way to use the Vala coroutines to achieve the same effect as in the following Python snippet (coroutines returning partial results in an iterator-like way) ?

On Sat, Jul 09, 2011 at 11:22:41AM +0200, Serge Hulne wrote:

Thank you very much indeed, Luca !

Please note that my note was merely an acknowledgement that, as a Vala
newbie, I tried successively two naive implementations, knew enough to
suspect intuitively one could push it a step further, but lacked the
know-how required to succeed in implementing a satisfactory solution at this
early stage of my study of the Vala language.

Use your fantasy before going down to conclusions :)
I fully agree !

Anyway, Thanks again, I am sure that it will prove very useful.

Indeed, what's interesting of that code is the mix of iterator+coroutine.
Possibly other patterns of other languages can be elegantly implemented
with such features.

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