Re: [Vala] Simple Memory Management Issue

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 06:53:34AM -0700, Joseph Montanez wrote:
I've been trying to get this to work but it keeps crashing :\. I don't
think I understand the memory model here.. "PlugPlug* plugin" is
suppose to allow me full control of the object. When I call "var
plugin = plugins[choice];" its not null... So after that I'm calling
"" and it crashes. I've looked at the C code and saw when
its assigned to the hashmap it uses "PLUG_PLUG (plugin)" but when its
retrieved its not. Maybe that's my issue? but how would I even fix

When you do var plugin = plugins[choice] the variable owns the plugin.

Can you please paste an useful back trace? You won't be able to track down
crashes without it.

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