Re: [Vala] Debugging program xml-rpc-c bindings?

Would be great if somebody could commit my xmlrpc-c.vapi into the vala/vapi repository

Looks like you are trying to parse as an array something that it is not an array and xmlrpc library is raising an abort signal.

On 09/27/10 11:59, Phil Daintree wrote:
Although I can retrieve the xml-rpc data using pancake's xmlrpc_c bindings the program aborts at the end as it trys to free the memory used I guess? Clutching at straws - wonder if anyone can make sense of this output from gdb - perhaps a bug in xml-rpc-c or the bindings? Same result in vala and genie.

(gdb) run
Starting program: /initrd/mnt/dev_save/my-applications/POSLogic/POSLogic
[New Thread 0xb78deb70 (LWP 9942)]
[Thread 0xb78deb70 (LWP 9942) exited]

An Array of [5] elements

  component [0] of array =
 a string: (AUD)

  component [1] of array =
 a string: (CHF)

  component [2] of array =
 a string: (EUR)

  component [3] of array =
 a string: (GBP)

  component [4] of array =
 a string: (USD)

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0xb7cc6607 in raise () from /lib/
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0xb7cc6607 in raise () from /lib/
#1  0xb7cc9ab2 in abort () from /lib/
#2  0xb7c91a2a in xmlrpc_abort_if_array_bad (arrayP=0x80c3110)
    at xmlrpc_array.c:43
#3  0xb7c91a70 in xmlrpc_destroyArrayContents (arrayP=0x80c3110)
    at xmlrpc_array.c:64
#4  0xb7c8efa8 in destroyValue (valueP=0x80c3110) at xmlrpc_data.c:44
#5  xmlrpc_DECREF (valueP=0x80c3110) at xmlrpc_data.c:106
#6  0x08049d92 in update_currencies ()
#7  0x08049927 in _vala_main ()
#8  0x080499c6 in main ()

Extract of the genie program:

def update_currencies(ref SQL:SQLiteO, ref Config: dict of string, string) :void

    /*XmlRpc objects required for the xml-rpc session defined */
XClient: XmlRpc.Client /*This is the client object created by the Client Create */
    XEnv: XmlRpc.Env = XmlRpc.Env() /* This is the XmlRpc Env struct */
XServer: XmlRpc.ServerInfo* = new XmlRpc.ServerInfo (XEnv, Config["webERPXmlRpcServer"])
    /*initialise the xml-rpc client session */
    /*variables for the setup of the xml-rpc session */
    ProgramName:string = "POSLogic XML-RPC Update Currencies"
    ProgramVersion:string = "0.00001"
    XmlRpc.Client.init (0, ProgramName, ProgramVersion)
XmlRpc.Client.create (XEnv, 0, ProgramName, ProgramVersion, null, 0, out XClient)
    if XEnv.fault_occurred
print "Setting the properties of the xml-rpc server failed with the message: %s fault code: %d", XEnv.fault_string, XEnv.fault_code
        Thread.exit (null)

    var XQuery = new XmlRpc.Array(XEnv)
    /*XML-RPC call the method
this method requires 2 strings as parameters - all put into the new XQuery array
              in sequence 0, 1

This method returns a structure containing an array of currency codes:
         key "currcode" (currency codes)
    XQuery.append_item (XEnv, XEnv.string_new (Config["webERPUser"]))
    XQuery.append_item (XEnv, XEnv.string_new (Config["webERPPassword"]))

    XReturnValue: XmlRpc.Value

    ArraySize: int
    XmlRpcReturnError: int
    i:int = 0
    /* Now do the actual xml-rpc call */
XClient.call2 (XEnv, XServer, " weberp.xmlrpc_GetCurrencyList", XQuery, out XReturnValue)

    if XEnv.fault_occurred
        print "Oops.. fault happened (%s)\n", XEnv.fault_string

def private print_value(XEnv:XmlRpc.Env, XValue:XmlRpc.Value)

/*a recursive function that prints out the contents of the returned XML-RPC call */

    /*Define all the variables used in the function */
    i:int =0
    ReturnedString: string
    XStructValue: XmlRpc.Value
    DataType:XmlRpc.Type = XValue.type ()
    /*How we deal with the data depends on the type of data */
    case (DataType)
        when XmlRpc.Type.ARRAY
            /* Cast the XValue into an XmlRpc.Array */
            XArray =  (XmlRpc.Array) XValue
            ArraySize = XArray.size(XEnv)
            print "An Array of [%d] elements\n", ArraySize
/*for loop would be preferable here but it is not an iterable collection the next item in the array needs to be got with get_item method*/
            while i < ArraySize
                XItem = XArray.get_item (XEnv, i)
                print "  component [%d] of array = ", i
                /* function calls itself recursively */
                print_value (XEnv, XItem)
        when XmlRpc.Type.INT
            XEnv.read_int(XValue, out ReturnedNumber)
            print " an integer: (%d)\n", ReturnedNumber
        when XmlRpc.Type.STRING
            XEnv.read_string (XValue, out ReturnedString)
            print " a string: (%s)\n", ReturnedString
        when XmlRpc.Type.STRUCT
            XStruct = (XmlRpc.Struct) XValue
            print "Struct size: %d", XStruct.size(XEnv)
            print "Unknown data type %d\n", DataType
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