[Vala] Gdk.EventKey member Gdk.Window gets destroyed when eventkey is freed-> widget crashes


my aim is to simulate a keypress

public void send_eventkey(string keyname)
        Gdk.Event event = new Gdk.Event(Gdk.EventType.KEY_PRESS);
        uint keyval = Gdk.keyval_from_name(keyname);
        Gdk.KeymapKey[] keys;
        Gdk.Keymap.get_default().get_entries_for_keyval(keyval, out keys);
        Gdk.Window* win = this.get_window();
        event.key.window = win; 
        event.key.send_event = (char)true;
        event.key.time = Gdk.CURRENT_TIME;
        event.key.state = Gdk.ModifierType.CONTROL_MASK;
        event.key.keyval = keyval;
        event.key.hardware_keycode = (uint16)keys[0].keycode; 
        event.key.group = (uchar)keys[0].group;

The above code results in

 Gdk-WARNING **: losing last reference to undestroyed window

and a crashing widget. The problem seems to be the reference towards the
widgets Gdk-Window ( this.get_window() ) which is then deleted because
of no references in Vala-space (though it is still used within the lib).

I tried using pointers to work around the Vala reference counting, but
with no luck so far.

Do you have any ideas regarding this problem?

Best regards,

PS: The API in this area seems pretty nasty. Especially having to
convert between ints and uchars, etc. shouldn't be necessary within the
"official" gobject-style libs.

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