[Vala] need advise to compile for Windows a vala 0.7.9 app using a gtkbuilder UI from Glade 3.6.7


I wrote a vala app using a GUI based on a glade .UI file that I want now to
port on Windows.

I had a look to the Val-IDE project and had some tries with the "xsltproc
--nodtdattr gen-vala-gtk-widget-bindings.xslt xxxxx.ui > xxxx.vala ". The
script has a lot of problems and seems not compatible with big GUI
(including IconFactory widgets etc....). I have to fix things by hand after
each conversion.

A long time ago (using vala 0.7 ?), I remember I succeed in building a small
app on *Windows*. I had to add G_MODULE_EXPORT to the callbacks. But I read
on the net this was not the right method by now...

So could someone tell me the right method to port on Windows a Vala software
based on GtkBuilder and vala > 0.7.9 ?

Thanks in advance.


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