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Jan Hudec escribió:

Hi Jan:

Is possible to statically link a Vala program? I need it to compile code
for a Multimedia hard disk for which I don't have all the libraries.

There is no global statically vs. dynamically link. The compiler will link
against static or dynamic libraries depending on what it finds. It's
perfectly OK to have static library for something and dynamic for
something else (GLib only installs dynamic version by default)

Yes, but I'm not talking only about GLib, but even glibc. I mean, a 100%
static binary. Since I don't have the cross-compiler buildchain (yes,
the manufacturer sent the GPL code, but only that, and is not easy to
set up that toolchain for that MIPS processor) I'm building pure static
binaries to avoid conflicts between versions. That requires the use of
the -static modifier and other things. That's what I mean.

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