Re: [Vala] Commit that breaks MarkupParseContext

Sandino Flores Moreno píše v Út 26. 01. 2010 v 14:47 -0600:

There was a change that breaks the normal usage of the MarkupParseContext.

The url for that commit is:

The problem, is that now it does not allow methods to be used as
callbacks, and it also introduces
 the parameter void * userdata that is not needed at all.

For example, this class implements a markup parser that dumps to a KeyFile:

That class parses markup files like the next one:

It was working fine before that commit. But now it does not compile.

Please. revert that commit.

Aaaahh, sorry, that's my fault.
This is interesting, because I was unable to make it work in any way.
Errors in generated C code and the like. Is there some magic involved?
Would it be eventually possible to convert your code to Vala? I don't
know Genie well.

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