Re: [Vala] Proper Syntax for Array of Nullable Strings

Frederik píše v St 20. 01. 2010 v 23:58 +0100:
Jiří Zárevúcky wrote:
What is the point of having Vala check it everywhere? I expect
programmer to know what is going on inside a method/class he wrote.
Input and output values are being checked and that's IMO perfectly

Imagine it like checking your identity at nation borders - you don't
need to identify yourself before entering every building, that's just
pointless. At least that's my opinion.

Non-null type checking at compile time is an area of research with the
aim of reducing null-related errors:

Thanks for the link.

It's an interesting concept. Compile time analysis would be good. I'm
just a little afraid it's going to be implemented like the current
argument checking - by checking at runtime. Checking values at every
assignment would be so not cool.

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