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Sam Wilson píše v Út 19. 01. 2010 v 10:46 -0500:

My name is Sam Wilson, though I usually go by tecywiz121 online.  First I'd just like to say hi to everyone 
who works or is interested in vala, and thanks for making a very cool new programming language!
Some random background about me:  I'm a software engineering student enrolled in Canada, and I am usually 
interested in OS development and compiler/language development.
Secondly, and probably much more of interest to anyone reading this:
I am not sure how many people have heard of CUSEC (Canadian University Software Engineering Conference), 
but its a small computer oriented conference held annually in Montreal, Quebec.  The topics of 
presentations vary widely, some examples from last year include a practical lecture on developing using 
Facebook Query Language and an academic presentation on Aspect Oriented Design.  (website : )
How this relates to Vala you might ask?
Well, CUSEC is also plays host to a BarCamp ( website : ), which is a 
segment where presenters get 15 minutes to present something that they are working with or developing.  I 
have asked for a spot to present Vala.
My question is, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should present, or any interesting projects they 
would like demoed to university students and members of the IT industry?
Thanks,Sam :)

Hello. That's really good. :)
There are many things you can talk about. Among others the approach to
create a fully C compatible, yet high-level language using GObject type
system, or builtin support for asynchronous methods and DBus, which are
all very cool. I'd suggest finding a project that makes use of those and
explain how it works :) I believe that would make an impression.

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