Re: [Vala] Immutable variables

pancake píše v Pá 15. 01. 2010 v 08:42 +0100:
Is there a way to define them? I need it to solve some warnings for  
the vapis describing some C functions accepting const char* as argument.

As I see in the compiler source is that it is not supported. Only for  
struct or class definitions with [Immutable].

Right, it isn't at the moment as far as I know.

Are there plans to support it for variables?if it is just to handle  
function signatures correctly..

I'm all for it. [Immutable] attribute for parameters would do great IMO.
Or perhaps immutable keyword as a type modifier? That would allow
binding some non-trivial array types, but I'm not sure whether that's

The problem is not only the warnings. Because I'm using libvala to get  
C signature info from vapi files. And not having a way to describe  
this is problematic.


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