Re: [Vala] Threads and closures problem

JM <interflug1 gmx net> writes:

If I do the same thing with an Idle, the behavior is significantly
different, as the block data is not destroyed as soon as the run()
function is left. Why is that?

Well working example:

class HHH : Object {
      public void run() {
              string test = "test";
              Idle.add(() => { print("in idle : %s \n", test); return false;});

if you look into glib-2.0.vapi Idle.add is declared as:

                public static uint add (owned SourceFunc function, [CCode (pos = 0.1)] int priority = 

so the add() is declared to own the function past to it, so the closure data will be kept alive


      public static MainLoop loop;

      public static int main() {
              loop = new MainLoop(null, false);
              var h = new HHH();
              return 0;

// valac closuretest.vala

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