Re: [Vala] Support for method overloading.

Sam Liddicott píše v Út 12. 01. 2010 v 07:25 +0000:
Overloading could easily be supported with mandatory cname or csuffix attributes; that an explicit name 
needs to be given for C is no reason that it needs to be given for vala which could do regular overloading.

I think it ought to be supported.


That's a matter of opinion. If Vala supported it, people would start
using cnames like "lib_class_some_action", "lib_class_some_action2",
"lib_class_some_action3", etc. Overloading exists because people are
lazy, ain't that true? :) Even if they wouldn't, it would still make
things considerably messier IMO (I, for one, do like the way I can use
most C libraries without separate Vala docs or searching VAPI).

But anyway, if you really want it, you could just implement it and send
it to Jürg for approval. Just think whether you really need it. From my
POV, it's pointless.

BTW, please use a mail client that supports message threads. :)

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