[Vala] [bug] Duplicate variables in c code when creating async mediators


I'm currently working on a patch for out binding tool and want to add
some simple mediators to easily use it from C. During compilation i
stumpled over 2 little bugs:
* vala creates a local variable result, but a parameter has the same
  name. This one is fixed, even I'm not completely happy with the
  solution, but it passes all tests.
* If you use Values, vala creates a wrong Data struct for the coroutine.
  It adds a result with type of Value instead of Value* and i cannot
  figure out where this happens. This leads to some wrong copy methods,

I attached my 3 patches. The third one extends the test to cover the
second case and fails atm.

Regards. Frederik
IRC: playya @ Freenode, Gimpnet
xmpp: playya draugr de

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