Re: [Vala] Implementing Singleton

* Cem Eliguzel <celiguzel ubicom com> [04.01.2010 14:02]:
I have the following simple singleton implementation:

public class Singleton<T> : Object {

      private static T instance_;

     public static T instance() {
         if (instance_ == null) {
             instance_ = new T();

         return instance_;

and I get the following error during compilation:

error: `Singleton.T' is not a class, struct, or error code

Wat is the point I'm missing?


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without testing it, try to use:

      public static T instance() {
          if (instance_ == null) {
              instance_ = typeof( T ) );
remember that this won't execute you default constructor. only construct
will be called. 

Regards, Frederik

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