Re: [Vala] when will vala 0.8 be released?

Am Mittwoch, den 06.01.2010, 17:54 +0800 schrieb Jerry Tan:
On 11/18/09 03:42 PM, Jerry Tan wrote:
I heard that it will be released soon,

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ping again after two month .

I'm afraid pinging won't help much. Vala 0.7.9 has been released a
couple of weeks ago and there are only few bugs fixed since the release,
so why cutting another one? Unfortunately the proposed split into vala
and vala-bindings didn't happen either, so the bindings will still have
to wait for the core. If you just want to build from a tarball, feel
free to use my inofficial intermediate snapshots, which I use for my own
work, such as



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