[Vala] Vala dealing with const paramaters


I'm trying to subclass a Clutter.Actor, which happens to have methods
such as 
  void (* allocate)             (ClutterActor           *actor,
                                 const ClutterActorBox  *box,
                                 ClutterAllocationFlags  flags);

Which is okay, apart from that it uses a const parameter, which as far
as I can tell I have no way of defining in vala.

Would it not be worth allowing const parameters in method declarations
even if all they do is indicate to the c translator that the parameter
should be declared as const? or at the very least a CCode attribute
would be handy. at the moment you will get a bunch of "assignment from
incompatible pointer type" warnings from gcc, which if you are trying to
develop clean code and have -Wall on, it makes it impossible to use
valac in this situation.

Thoughts and opinions welcome, 
Thanks, Gord.

Gordon Allott <gord allott canonical com>

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