Re: [Vala] Vala highlightening for LaTeX lstlisting

Frederik Sdun wrote:
Ah, CTAN. that's the place for submitting it. My brain always fell back
to CPAN.
Anyone misses a keyword?
Is it possible to colorize the annotations instead of using CCode,DBus
and Test?

Hi Frederik,


All of these are attributes / attribute parameters. I agree with you, I
don't think that it's a good idea to treat them as keywords. There are
many more and they are changing more frequently than keywords. Attributes
should be recognized as attributes in general. Actually the C# syntax
should already do that, but obviously it doesn't since you're asking.
Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the LaTeX syntax in order to
help you.

Basic Types:


'ssize_t' and 'uchar' are missing. 'float' and 'double' should be inherited
from the C# syntax.



'get', 'set', 'delegate', 'value', 'var' should already be defined in the C#
syntax if it's up-to-date.

Vala's 'signal', 'construct', 'dynamic', 'requires', 'ensures' are missing.


I don't think this should be coloured as a keyword. Of course, it's a special
Vala thing, but Vala wants it to look like a method. Otherwise you would have
to colour '.begin()', '.end()', '.callback' for async methods and '.length'
for arrays as well. And '.disconnect()', of course.


Where are these from? I can't find them anywhere. Only 'FILE' which is a type
of 'posix.vapi'. But I don't think it should be treated in a special way.

I'm not sure if it's the best thing to inherit from the C# syntax, because
many C# keywords / basic types are not available in Vala: byte, sbyte, decimal,
operator, event, object, unsafe, where, explicit, implicit, goto, checked,
unchecked, fixed, stackallock, readonly, params, partial, sealed,
add, remove and all the LINQ keywords: from, group, into, join, let, orderby,

This list of Vala keywords is complete (I have checked it with

'params' and 'volatile' are reserved but not used yet, AFAIK.

Here's a list of all C# 3.0 keywords for comparison:

Best regards,


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