[Vala] Vala 0.7.3 and AllTray source code---trying to get build working

I've also mentioned this on the IRC channel, but am throwing it up here
too, just in case that helps.  Sorry in advance to those for whom this
is a duplicate request for help.

In short:  My project builds with Vala 0.7.1, but does not with 0.7.3
or trunk.  The Vala files compile just fine, but gcc bombs out with the
following error with Vala 0.7.3 or trunk:

AttachHelper.c: In function ‘all_tray_attach_helper_target_filter’:
AttachHelper.c:173: warning: dereferencing ‘void *’ pointer
AttachHelper.c:173: error: invalid use of void expression

It makes no difference if I am using my own private X11 bindings, or
the new X11 bindings that are provided by Vala, the error is the same.

Comparison of the generated code is up at http://pastebin.com/d4af1bd57
for Vala 0.7.1 and trunk; for Vala 0.7.1 I used my bindings, and for
trunk, both my bindings and then the bindings supplied in Vala trunk
(with the patch I sent in my previous message to this list).

The diff to my source code (based on lp:alltray rev 52, currently the
latest revision) is available on my Web site at:


I'm utterly clueless as to what the problem actually is and why I've
lost the ability to build AllTray with the latest released and trunk
versions of Vala, and don't know how to go about fixing my source to
build properly.  I'm guessing that the fact that Vala builds the *.vala
files but creates an error that stops the C compiler from successfully
building is a separate bug, one which the only thing I know about it is
that "it exists," and not a clue as to what other information to
provide for it.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight!

        --- Mike

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                            --- Richard Stallman

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