[Vala] "Vala and autotools" documentation ?

Since vala-gen-project has moved from vala git to vtg it should probably not be mentioned in the tutorial any 
more (more than a link to some vtg docs on it maybe?).
Also, the "Tool Support" section of the Vala homepage should be updated to say that there is now native 
support for autotools starting with version XYZ of autotools.


I was looking into autotools and Vala today and I ran into some questions:

* From which version of autotools will native support be available?

* How can I include the package version number and bug report e-mail from
configure.ac inside my aboutbox? i.e. is there a Vala equivalent of config.h ?

* What exactly does it mean to have "native Vala support" in autotools?
The files generated by vala-gen-project seem to be usable with autoconf 2.63?
For example, does "native Vala support" support the .stamp files are no longer

* Is there any standard way in autotools to cleanup a project directory so that
it become ready for version control check-in? Even "make distclean" leaves the
configure script and other generated data that I don't want to put in VCS.

* Is it possible to get autotools to put most or all the generated files in a
special sub directory? Especially the .in files and other files that I will
pretty much never use directly anyway.

* Does anyone know of a tutorial/guide/docs on the Vala aspects of autotools?
I know there is tons of existing projects to look at (like watray, deja-dup
and even Vala itself) but I'd like to really understand how the basics works and
what parts of the build scripts are needed for what (for translation or for hooking
up a Vala based test suite to my project, or for distribution as C code etc).


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