Re: [Vala] How to call base constructors

Frederik <scumm_fredo    > writes:

Adi Roiban wrote:
În data de Jo, 07-05-2009 la 14:05 +0200, Frederik a scris:
Adi Roiban wrote:
Do we have Gtk.CheckMenuItem.label and Gtk.CheckMenuItem.use_undeline ?
I failed to find those properties.
Yes, CheckMenuItem inherits these from MenuItem
Does this mean that valadoc is outdated?

Probably - it seems to be in vapi file:

It seems to be introduced by Gtk 2.16; I have 2.14.7 installed and it does
*not* have those properties, but according to documentation on the web, 2.16.1
has it.

But again, please don't derive from a CheckMenuItem. Derive from
Gtk.ToggleAction instead. The advantage is, that single ToggleAction can be
connected with multiple menu items and also with toolbar items and plain
toggle buttons. It can also be connected with nothing, so you can create
a set of your objects once and create and destroy the menu items as you need

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