Re: [Vala] Glade3, GtkBuilder and signal handlers

Andre "Osku" Schmidt wrote:
so it seems:
"FooBar" is "foo_bar_"

and "foo_bar" is "foo_bar_"
but what happens with "Foo_Bar" ? ;P
(yes, it seems to follow this logic, it's "foo__bar_")

Yes, but these are uncommon class names anyway. If unsure one can always
look at the generated C code.

and it seems i don't need that connect_signals method neither (as
opposite to the glade example, where i copied and modified it from),

Yes, connect_signal_full is only needed if you want to customize the
signal connection process. But usually you don't need that.

now i got a related question (as noob). what is mostly used for own
signal handlers, inside or outside of my class ? i assume (with my
little knowledge) the major difference would be scope-of-variables ?

(i propably just use outside for starters, as then i dont have to write
the class name in the gtkbuilder ui file ;P)

For small programs you can put them into the global namespace. But if
you have many callbacks you will end up with a polluted global
namespace. So you might want to organize them in classes. And for
non-trivial callback methods, if you wish to access instance methods in
order to modify the state of the surrounding object, the callbacks must
be instance methods.


ps. and 1000x thanks for the added examples in!

You're welcome!

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