[Vala] [Genie] bash execution.

Hey, i dont know if this is the correct list for Genie, i havent found
much on gnomedocs, but the same applies for vala:

It could be a very good feature to be able to run bash commands with
the normal form:

Example for file named main.gs:

#!/usr/bin/env valac main.gs
  print "Hello World"

Then just executing the file could produce the compiled output file.
This can be just done by interpretting #!... as comments.

It would be very nice too, if dependencies are handled by each .gs
file. Maybe with the inclusion of "import" and/or "require" as in
python and php, and others.

Then a distributed vala/genie code could easily autocompile just
asking the user to install the dependencies.

Is any of this planned for vala and/or genie?


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