Re: [Vala] Non-glib bindings

Jud Craft <craftjml gmail com> writes:

Hey there!

How are vala bindings created for a library that doesn't use
GObject/Glib?  For example, the SDL vala bindings.

I guess - mostly "by hand".

I'm very curious, since I'm pretty sure SDL isn't GObject-wrapped, nor
is it even object-oriented in the C++ sense (at least I didn't think
so).  Do you have to manually wrap a GObject-based class hierarchy
around it?

Vala can use functions. SDL vapi file describes the interface of SDL -
but it do not require wrapping it in GObject -  it uses POCS (plain old
C structs ;) ). 

Anyway you can always run compilator with -C and see what code it generated.

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