Re: [Vala] Inverse of control in VALA?


In any case you need some configuration. In google-guice they make the
configuration of 'when, what and how put something where' in the code:

"What, How"
public class MyModule implements Module {
  public void configure(Binder binder) {
public class Client {
  private final Service service;
  public Client(Service service) {
    this.service = service;

For GObjects it is posible to use the interface GTypePlugin, but I
dont see how to inject dwo diferent implementations on

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 2:12 AM,  <christian hergert gmail com> wrote:
I agree, having types loaded at startup would make life a lot easier in most
of my situations. Is this already done with types in plugins when the plugin
is loaded?

-- Christian

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