[Vala] Emacs setup for vala debugging with automake / subclassing Glib structs.

The error messages output from the Vala compiler with the --basedir
option include the path relative to the basedir. GCC generates error
messages containing only the filename. Emacs tracks the current
directory in the build and gets confused by the full path names from
the vala compiler so it is asking me where to find every error. Any
emacs wizards care to describe the solution?

What is the best way to "pretend" subclass an existing structure that
is not a GType, say I want to add a to_bool() function to the glib
string library or make some custom date readers for GDate. I have been
editing existing vapi files under a new namespace. Is there a way to
use the "official" glib vapi and subclass its structs?

-Sam D.

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