Re: [Vala] Getting path to my program's directory

There's a C library called binreloc which does what you are looking
for. Unfortunately vala bindings doesn't exist and the site is
currently unavailabe (you can still see it via Google's Cache or
something similar).

You can download it here:

On 8/28/09, Jan Hudec <bulb ucw cz> wrote:

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On Fri, August 28, 2009 09:02, Yin Jintao wrote:
You can using Glib.Environment.get_current_dir() to get current directory.

That's *not* what Arkadi asked for. It's the current directory and that's
quite unlikely to be the directory it is installed in, which he wanted.

The standard way to find the installation directory is by resolving
the name in argv[0] (argv being the parameter passed to function main),
which gives you the name of your binary. However (unlike in scripts
where the interpreter has expanded it already) it may not include
path, in which case you have to search it in $PATH. The
GLib.Environment.find_program_in_path will do it.

There is a method that will be easier on most unix systems (and even on
Cygwin), but less portable. GLib.FileUtils.read_link on "/proc/self/exe"
will give you the name of your executable with full path and all
links resolved (because kernel actually reverse-calculates it from the
open file).

Windows have their own API for determining path to the running executable,
but I don't think Vala has bindings for it (but it could be done).

2009/8/28 Arkadi Viner <arkashkin gmail com>
Hi guys.
I need to execute some program which is located in my program's
Is there any API to get the path to my program's directory?

                                        - Jan Hudec <bulb ucw cz>

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