Re: [Vala] Chaining up constructors.

On Sun, 2008-11-23 at 00:13 -0500, Yu Feng wrote:
Both vala 0.5.1 and trunk fails to smoothly switching the parent
classes. if I have extra stuff in the creation methods.

Do you have an example or bugzilla link?

I don't think you should mix the two construction schemes to much as
they are essentially incompatible. GObject basically doesn't support
custom constructor chaining interference, so if vala wants to support
this (and by doing so breaking the GObject way a bit), why keep the
property assignment limitation?

Why are they essentially incompatible? As far as I know the construct
blocks corresponds to Klass->constructor, and they are automatically
chained up.

If you mean chaining up the CreationMethods, I still can't see any

The construct blocks are not incompatible with chaining up
CreationMethods, however, construct properties are. Assignment to a
construct property in a CreationMethod makes chaining up impossible in
the current implementation.


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