Re: [Vala] c and c++

2008/5/17 Martin (OpenGeoMap) <martin opengeomap org>:

Hello martin,

i was trying to make a binding for GSL but the problem I had was that I could not give a structure as a parameter to a function. For example with the "gsl_complex_arg" you need a structure "gsl_complex"; VALA only deliver structure to function using reference. Already post my doubts but nobody gave me an answer ...

you always can create some gobject code before VAPI file??

You can add attributes to the code of your class if you are referring to that. For example can add [CCode cname =...., cheader_filename =.....]" to a private function of your class to access any function in c.

The only obstacle that I have to make a binding for GSL is the passage of a structure to a function.


I managed to do with success bindings only handle simple arrays as the functions in gsl_stats.h
itś seem there many people working in new vala bindings, but are there a official place to this bindings?
where can i find new vala binding to mysql and others?
when a binding itś official in VALA?. for example itś seems like sqlite bindings are official to VALA.

The only "binding" I know are those who deliver VALA, I do not know other site with bindings for VALA.

Good luck and we are in contact



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