[Vala] VAPI / GObjectIntrospection / 'dynamic' questions


Will it be possible to generate gir+typelib for every vapi file or just
for GObject libraries? If so it would be possible to introspect plain C
libraries, too, and bind them dynamically for other languages.

In Vala there is already dynamic access for D-Bus and GStreamer objects.
Would it be possible to have a general interface for dynamic objects
('DynamicObject') that Vala would recognize? One implementation of this
interface could be 'GIObject':

  dynamic GIObject button = new GIObject ("Gtk.Button");
  button.label = "awesome";
  button.show ();

I'm not sure what would be the use of doing that (instead of static
access) in this case. But more useful would be implementations of
DynamicObject for JavaScript or Lua objects, of course.



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