Re: [Vala] HashTable get_keys() and get_values() methods. Bug or my fault?

On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Sam Liddicott <sam liddicott com> wrote:
* Daniele Benucci wrote, On 03/12/08 11:42:
> Grabel's Law:
> 2 is not equal to 3 -- not even for large values of 2.
I've seen some 2's masquerading as uncharacteristically small values of
aleph-null, which some poor newbie made the mistake of trying to

And as aleph-null is actually a singleton as a class variable affecting
all classes,and the result's weren't pretty. As a consequence, the
contents of each dimension n (from 1 to infinity) had to be moved to
dimension n*2, and all the odd numbered dimensions became out of bounds.

Nice one Sam, Are you implying that HashTable.get_keys() actually dereferences aleph-null?

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