Re: [Vala] how to call the base class constructor

Le Fri, 8 Aug 2008 23:03:20 +1000,
"Jared Moore" <jaredm gmx com> a écrit :


As far as I know that's not possible at the moment in vala. The way
that objects are constructed is quite different from Java or C#.
There's some more information here [1].



I already red this part ;). I solved my problem by declaring a method
in the abstract base class and using it from the child

like this

public abstract class Base {
        public void init(string name);

        public abstract void to_geom();
        public virtual void my_base_virtual();

public class Child {
        public Child(string name) {

Now how can I call the Base class method in a class wo override a
method ?
        public override void my_base_virtual() {
                call the real Base::my_base_virtual ???



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