[Vala] vapigen removing G from namespace

Hi there, Jürg and all the others

I've followed the mailing list with great interest for a while, but I've
never got the time to hack on / with Vala yet. Well, until now.

I wanted too use goocanvas, and tried to create bindings for it with
vapigen (maybe there allready is one?). Anyway, (I think) I ran into
some bugs, or maybe I'm just missing something. However, it seams like
vapigen is removing the letter 'G' from the namespace (I suppose it's
because of classes like GHashTable).. And I get a bunch of errors like
this one:

error: The type name `ooCanvasItemModel' does not exist in the namespace

Could somebody point me in the right direction here?

Thanks for a promising language!


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