Re: [Vala] Using custom Objects as parameters for signals.

On Die, 2007-03-20 at 19:46 -0300, Alexandre Moreira wrote:
Hello, again.

I was just trying to create a signal much like this one:

public signal void registered(F.Document document);

in a file that could find a F.Document with no problem (this is an
interface I created in another file).

When I try that, valac quits with a big bad error:

** (valac:29348): CRITICAL **: vala_ccode_formal_parameter_new:
assertion `type != NULL' failed

** (valac:29348): CRITICAL **:
vala_ccode_function_declarator_add_parameter: assertion

** (valac:29348): CRITICAL **: vala_ccode_identifier_new: assertion
`_name != NULL' failed
Segmentation fault

does this simply mean that this kind of usage is not implemented or am
I doing anything wrong ?
Hmm there seems to be a bug regarding interfaces. We'll look into that.

I can solve the problem using Object instead of F.Document for the
type, and I can live with that fow now, but I just thought that you
should know.
Thanks for the report.


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