Re: [Vala] Signal disconnecting. Patch attempt.

On 3/16/07, Jürg Billeter <j bitron ch> wrote:
On Don, 2007-03-15 at 23:38 -0300, Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> I am completely aware to the fact that I know pretty much nothing
> about the way Vala compiler works, but I tried what seemed to be an
> "easy-to-make-work" patch.
> I'm sure there is a lot of cases where this thing might break and the
> code is not well factored, but it suits my immediate needs. I just
> felt like uploading the patch for you guys, so you can see the idea
> and improve on it.
> The patch is to add the following syntax:
> object.signal -= somefunction;
> so one can disconnect from a signal.
> I only tested it in a very simple use case (which is the use case I'll
> use the most) : Disconnecting a method of the current object (self)
> from a signal.
> The patch itself is a very simple copy/paste with little modifications
> from the original += behavior.

Thanks for the patch, I've only had to change it to use
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched instead of
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func as the latter disconnects all
signals with the same handler, disregarding the signal you specify. I've
committed it to SVN.

Oh, great! I'll build svn as soon as I get back to my computer (this
one has no linux here). I plan on handing more patches as soon as I
learn more about the internals of the Vala compiler.

By the way, is there any lose documentation on how the different
classes interact with each other ? Something like a sketch on the
class diagrams ? If you have anything in paper and is able to scan and
send I can get it digitalized with Dia so we get a basic information
for new developers.

Alexandre Moreira.


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