Re: [Utopia] Gnome Power Manager, updated screenshots

On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 19:18 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:
> This looks really really good, this has come a long way. One minor
> nitpick is that perhaps it's not super interesting to adjust the timeout
> for hard disk spin down, perhaps just provide a check box? 

Thanks. :-) What would the checkbox default to - I would want say an
hour or more on ac, 10 minutes on battery, and NEVER on my server.

> Perhaps the sleep options is something hal should somehow know (never
> mind the details from where we get this for now) and tell g-p-m? I think
> so, I'm thinking hal would export the following properties on the
> computer object 
>  bool power_management.sleep.can_quick_sleep (in ACPI this is S1)
>  bool power_management.sleep.can_deep_sleep  (in ACPI this is S3)
>  bool power_management.sleep.can_hibernate   (in ACPI this is S4)

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. GPM should get all computer
information from HAL - then it can be re-used by other applications too.

>  (btw, today we already have power_management.is_enabled, .type 
>   and .acpi.linux.version)
> to suitably abstract the various ways the system sleep. This is not to
> say g-p-m should map that 1-1 to the user interface; what could be
> interesting would be to have g-p-m manage running->S1->S3->S4 after a
> suitable interval. For this to work we'd also want
>  bool power_management.sleep.can_wakeup_during_sleep

Didn't know you could do this - I don't think my laptop supports this.

Thanks for your help,


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