[Utopia] Re: GNOME Power Manager 0.0.3

On Sun, 17 Apr 2005 22:13:03 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:

> Okay, just back from holiday - and trying a new release.
> https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=133929
> Lots of new stuff, screenshots available here:
> http://gnome-power.sourceforge.net/gpm.php#screenshots
> http://gnome-power.sourceforge.net/gpp.php#screenshots
> Please try compiling the tarball, or I've uploaded Fedora Rawhide RPM's
> (i386 and src) which might be of interest.
> Install, and then run `gnome-power-manager --verbose` from a command
> window.
> Please email me any problems, patches or other comments.
> Thanks, Richard Hughes

Hi Richard,

I recompiled the src.rpm for my FC4t2 test system.
The test system is an IBM T23 laptop (ACPI enabled).
g-p-m worked from the fist shot.

And here are some comments:

1) IMO, the battery icons should also express the battery status like

2) I got sometime the tooltip that my battery is 107% charged (or 107%
capacity, I don't remember which one).

3)Maybe the mains (AC power supply) icon should not disappear when there
is no AC, but put another icon.
Right now, when the AC is on, the icon is showing an AC plug near an AC
socket, suggesting the computer is not on AC power (is not plugged), which
is wrong.
So, we can use this icon for "no AC power", and there can be another icon
with the AC plug in the AC socket for "AC power".

4) I have HDD and CDROM in my system, but the "hd and cdrom" tab is not
showing on the g-p-preferences. Maybe is not there yet, and then is OK,
but if it is there, it should appear.

5) Is g-p-p dbus aware ? Meaning that if I started gpp, then I can plug a
battery and it will automatically add the battery tab ?


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