Re: [Utopia] NetworkManager 0.3.1

* Tom Parker (palfrey tevp net) wrote :
> Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> >NetworkManager 0.3.1 has been released.
> >in the development stage but is usable.  There are versions for Debian,
> The NetworkManager site claims that it should be apt-get'able in Debian as 
> of right now, however this isn't the case. Does anyone know which 
> repository this is in, as there also appears to be a lack of a debian/ 
> folder in both the CVS and the source distribution.
I'm working on the packages atm, although I'll have more time on this once
Ubuntu gets out the door tomorrow ;-)
(I have very rough packages done, but I'm not happy with the state
of them currently)
That sounds like a lot of work... Can we out source?
The Revolution will not be outsourced!
(Slick/Monique - Sinfest)

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