Re: [Utopia] [patch] mount/unmount when starting/stopping

   EjectPressed was added in v.1.26  of hald/linux/block_class_device.c
on May 30 and removed in v.1.51 on Aug 11.  The latter was a monster
checking by David Zeuthen and EjectPressed is not mentioned in the commit
or ChangeLog, so perhaps this was unintentional?


On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, Jerry Haltom wrote:

> > >  4. We no longer listen on the EjectPressed signal from HAL - this
> > >     is removed from HAL as only a tiny fraction of drives implement it
> >
> > I must've missed the discussion on this on the HAL list.  Why should
> > this be removed just because many devices dont' support it?  Why cripple
> > the devices that do because of ones that don't?  If I go out of my way
> > to get hardware that supports (Apple hardware, perhaps?) it should be
> > able to work appropriately, yes?
> Yeah, I was under the impression that most CD ROM drives in the last 6
> or 5 years supported this. I know every one I've used does.
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